All treasure

They had the best of plans. At least, given the circumstances. They had prepared a special place. Joseph had carefully smoothed the wood of the cradle while Mary sewed soft blankets. They talked about where the birth would happen and who would be with them. They dreamed of how this most special of infants would … Continue reading All treasure


The writing word of the day is “extreme.” It means, “existing in a very high degree; going to great or exaggerated lengths; exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected.” I think of all the ways we use the word: extreme sports, extreme views, extreme weather, extreme networks, extreme music, extreme violence. A quick online shopping trip … Continue reading Extreme


Let us adore him.   For rivers and stars, for forests breathing praise, for mountains rising to point the way, for deserts holding secrets for seekers, for the riotous jungles, for the unknown ocean deeps, for plains of provision hiding kernels of life.   Let us adore him.   For evening light falling into corners, … Continue reading Adore