Choosing the right glasses: reflections on Thanksgiving

“What if I brought home 50 dogs and 50 cats?” “What if everyone in the whole world sneezed at the same time?” “What if I wore the same clothes every day for a year?” It’s a game, these “what ifs” she asks. We have fun thinking up answers to her audacious questions. The words “what … Continue reading Choosing the right glasses: reflections on Thanksgiving


verb (used with object) to take or receive (something offered); receive with approval or favor: to accept a proposal. Me Like it’s that easy. Like the something offered is something I want, because I know there is no accepting only part of You. Can’t you see how full my arms are already?   You Even as … Continue reading Accept


You were the only two ever to know true paradise. What was it like to wake every morning with no fear at all, to go throughout your day with only joy, wonder, beauty, pleasure in your work? What was it like to know your man only in harmony, as your beloved, your best friend? Till … Continue reading Scared


“Watch to see where God is working and join Him.” Reading this sentence from Experiencing God as a bright-eyed college student excited me. Yes! Here I am! Pick me! Send me! My head was filled with visions of missionary work, maybe living in a hut, maybe toiling over a Bible translation late at night, maybe working … Continue reading Join