Soon, You say.  “I am coming soon.” From here it doesn’t  look that way,  it looks as though we waste and languish while You delay.  Too soon the innocence fades,  too soon children grow and pipes break and garbage piles high.  Too soon hearts cool, joints swell, beauty flees, and boards begin to rot.  Too … Continue reading Soon


(Five Minute Friday) When following Jesus, the needs tend to chase after you. Like when you get into a boat to sail away and be alone, and you arrive on the other side only to find the need waiting for you, hungry.  “Send them away, Jesus,” you say, a little desperately. You don’t have anything … Continue reading Have

Who He Is

Good Friday Matthew 4, 26, and 27 Let us go back to the beginning. To the wilderness. Remember? Jesus: distressed, thirsty, weary, alone. Three times the enemy comes. “Show them who You are.” Be glorious. Powerful. Adored. Three times Jesus turns to His Father. He knows Who He is. He is here to bring the … Continue reading Who He Is


Matthew 21:12-17 When the temple of my heart becomes a space for doing business,  a busy place where, to keep up appearances, things are bought and sold— when, for instance, I sell my peace  to please another, or buy approval with time that should be Yours,  when I set up shop and turn communion into … Continue reading Temple

Only This

Matthew 14 When you follow Jesus, the need around you will always be greater than what you have to give. If you look at that need awhile, you will feel overwhelmed. You will want to send the people away to find nourishment elsewhere.  “Why?” Jesus will say. “There is no need. You feed them.” And … Continue reading Only This