Five Minute Friday: Perspective   What the soldiers see: A giant of a man, ten feet of confidence and swagger. Bronze-covered muscles swinging his beam of a spear. He craves blood; he is soaked with the blood of his enemies. His mocking jeers ring mighty through the air. Always he challenges, and always he prevails. … Continue reading Perspective


Five Minute Friday (five minutes of writing on “Now”)   TODAY: There are hungers waiting to be fed, Words ready to be spoken, Foods asking to be consumed, Garments waiting to be put on, Voices longing to be listened to, Truths waiting to be taken up or rejected, Lies hoping to pounce, Masters eager to … Continue reading Today


Five Minute Friday: Tomorrow As a kid I don’t remember worrying too much about tomorrows. Maybe this is not true; maybe I blocked out the things I don’t want to remember or to be true of me. But I do remember having such deep trust in my parents that I didn’t need to think about … Continue reading Tomorrow