A Prayer

Day 24 Matthew 11:20-30 The cities did not repent.  You did Your mightiest works there. You brought the kingdom right among them, and still they did not receive it.  What hardness must live in the hearts of man to see the things You did, hear Your words, and have You among them day after day, … Continue reading A Prayer

A New Thing

Day 17 Matthew 9:14-17 What did you expect?  Did you really think  I would build My kingdom on those old traditions that leave you  full of longing? This is what you have seen:  storms stilled sickness vanished demons defeated sins forgiven sinners welcomed. I did not come to patch up your worn-out weariness. I came … Continue reading A New Thing


Day 9 Matthew 8:1-4 He covers his face. He is supposed to be in quarantine. He is supposed to be separate, away from sight. Away with others like him, marked with a disease no one understands and everyone fears.  How long has he been living this measured death, this steady rotting of flesh once held … Continue reading Reach