Matthew 21:12-17

When the temple of my heart becomes

a space for doing business, 

a busy place where, to keep up appearances,

things are bought and sold—

when, for instance, I sell my peace 

to please another, or buy approval

with time that should be Yours, 

when I set up shop

and turn communion into commerce—

then come, Jesus, with Your hot wrath

and overturn it all. 

Drive out all the ways 

my pride makes me a dealer, 

my fear makes me a buyer. 

Make this robber’s cave, my heart,

a house of prayer. 

A place for my blindness and pain

to rest, to heal, to find You. 

A place for Your wounded

to come and mend, because it is 

where You are. 

Make room. 

Make me like a child, 

no agenda but to receive You,

to call out Your praise. 

Make room. 

May it all be You.

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