Above our noise, our wailing, our fists clenched, our castle ruins, demands, commands, lies, revenge, ceaseless war,       You hear each choking cry, receive our ragged requests laden with ignorance, collect our tears, look upon the wrecked world and do not turn away.     We pray for You to lean down, strike, … Continue reading Above


(from 1 Peter 3) The scoffers come just as Peter said they would, and they keep coming and coming. “If your God is who He says He is, where is He now? Where is the promise of His coming?”   And we wonder. God, why are You so slow to act? Peter knows this frustration. … Continue reading Slow


She could be bitter. She has every right to be. Much has been taken from her, much expected. She sometimes feels so little seen, so little known and valued in her small domain. She knows within her lives a power that she can use. She can rise up. She can be loud. She can make … Continue reading She


What if you stopped holding so hard to wholeness what if you stilled to the sundering like a beam of light bent scattering color like joy like a buried seed cracked bursting up to new life like a prized metal melted burnished in bright fire like a loaf of bread, broken and given, piece by … Continue reading Broken


Dear You, The one who feels invisible. The one who wonders if anyone cares enough to look closely yet is terrified that someone might. The one who stares at the ceiling in the dark, replaying the moments of imperfection, the mistakes and failures that now lie heavier than any blanket. The who makes the lists … Continue reading Possible