Five Minute Friday: Refrain Refrain: The part of the song or poem that is emphasized or repeated. The chorus. In other words, the part you remember. The part that gets stuck in your head. Refrains are powerful. Consider the songs from your childhood that you still know: “Yes, Jesus loves me, yes, Jesus loves me … Continue reading Refrain


Thank you, dear Noelle, for the inspiration for this post.   No one notices her slipping into the crowd, but she is used to that. She prefers anonymity. She would rather live alone in the shadows than endure the stares, the whispers, the pity. She may have been beautiful. Now, she doesn’t know. There is … Continue reading Daughter


Five Minute Friday: Perspective   What the soldiers see: A giant of a man, ten feet of confidence and swagger. Bronze-covered muscles swinging his beam of a spear. He craves blood; he is soaked with the blood of his enemies. His mocking jeers ring mighty through the air. Always he challenges, and always he prevails. … Continue reading Perspective


Five Minute Friday (five minutes of writing on “Now”)   TODAY: There are hungers waiting to be fed, Words ready to be spoken, Foods asking to be consumed, Garments waiting to be put on, Voices longing to be listened to, Truths waiting to be taken up or rejected, Lies hoping to pounce, Masters eager to … Continue reading Today