Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to the re-launch of my old blog! Today, on my birthday, I needed a new start.

I’ve been silent for awhile, and pondering for awhile about what my writing life might look like. I’m not really sure what that means yet, but I do know that when I don’t write, a part of myself is missing. Somehow, the words that come to this blog remind me of who I am. These words show me how to make sense of things. The things I post here are things I tell myself, words to keep me anchored.

So, whatever that looks like, I invite you in. Here I hope to keep telling my own story and the stories of others, and to maybe make sense of those stories and help us all stay anchored.

If you have enjoyed my previous blog, I encourage you to follow me here and ask you to share with others. I look forward to sharing the journey together.

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