Some thoughts on God and existence

Five Minute Friday asked me to write for five minutes about my week. This is what happened.


On the day

You sang Your glory

into the void

and chose

us, chose


on that day You saw

all the days

to the very end.


And still

You sang.

Still You grew

a world

whole universes

of love into being

even knowing

how we would

wreck and ruin

devastate and



More than one of us

has asked You why.

Dare I say most

have stared

or glared

upward agonized

I didn’t ask for

this I never wanted



It’s a wonder

to me

You knew all this

maybe even felt

all the pain of all the angry



all at once in one




And still we

could not shake

Your purpose

could not take down

the song

that sings over us still.


You see all

the days to the very


Maybe that is why

You stay, why

You take my hand and pull

me out to starlit

glory, why You whisper

my name

in the night.

5 thoughts on “Some thoughts on God and existence

  1. What a lovely, heartfelt poem!

    My feeling resonates with RebelWith Kindness’ comment above: I recently asked Barb if God had silenced my voice because He was tired of hearing my prayers.

    She said, “No.”

    Actually, she was more emphatic than that, and having been a union shop steward in a manufacturing plant, used language that I probably should not repeat here.


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