Adjust: a verb (Five Minute Friday)


The thing is unsatisfactory.

Something still is not quite right.

So I will keep smoothing, spinning, shaping.

And maybe, in the end, I will collapse, press in,

put the whole mess back into a form

in which I can begin again,

deftly forming, patient until the beauty

of my intention takes hold.



This unknowing,

this acceptance of unwholeness, of always


This bewildering spin and the press

of the quick strong hands,

the pain of collapse.

In the end one must simply

be held.


3 thoughts on “Adjust: a verb (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Your poetry really spoke to me this morning. It is difficult to settle with being a work in progress. It is even more difficult to think you have everything figured out, only to have it collapse around you. That is precisely what I went through last year. In 2019 so much was taken away from me, but at the same time I grew more than ever before. I have found that there is freedom in accepting our imperfections and rest to be found in being held.

    I’m definitely going to subscribe!


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