How the light comes

As the dawn breaks

after starless wander,

after black thrashing,

after huddling cold spent blank,

a lessening.

A thread of thinnest gold.

As the fire rages

unconsuming holy in the brush,

night rising guardian over nation beloved,

falling furious to lick up Baal’s pride—

meat, water, stones, and very dust—

blazing into faith’s furnace

where warriors walk.

As the lamplight flickers

in the hand,

tiny halo pressing back the dark,

telling it where it stops,

showing the next step and then

the next.

As the silvery stars spread

sweeping like a promise overhead,

a billion bursts of light pulsing

through a billion eons,

each one named

and unforgotten.

As single shimmering Star splitting

open the night,

like a birth,

like a declaration:

this is what you have been

waiting for.

As the face radiant

of the one who has been with God,

coming quiet from the place

of presence, face brimful

of glory.

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