Peace (Five Minute Friday)


To those this day who have no peace,

be their peace.

We want to see you

bursting through clouds,

coming down in rage and fire

to end evil, to rout

the rebellious proud, to bring

to justice the liars,

to put down those who would

seize and savage your people.

We, the outraged, want vengeance.

You astonish us, God,

with your silence.

Bring peace, we cry,

and you wait for us

to still.

You come like a breath,

like a mustard seed we carry.

Your word, spoken,

could fill the room if we let it,

could remind us of our dusty shoes

lying in the shadows,

of our unscarred delivered feet

made strong to walk the way.

Bring peace, you cry,

bring peace.

4 thoughts on “Peace (Five Minute Friday)

  1. I want His raging wind to blow,
    see Him in clouds fiery,
    ‘cept for one thing I do know,
    that the rebel heart is in me.
    I know just what is right wrong,
    what gives the Lord a hissy fit,
    and start to sing His holy song,
    then go and do the opposite.
    Why the slide to malfeasance,
    why compulsion to find sin
    that would make the devil wince?
    Oh, where do I begin
    to outpace this cloying night,
    and for once just get it right?


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