Taste and See

Day 6

Matthew 5:13-16

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.

Psalm 34:8

He shows us how His kingdom comes. (See yesterday’s post or Matthew 5:1-11.) Our relinquishing, oddly enough, brings a filling, builds a place of mercy and truth.

When this happens, He says, the tests will come. Anger will be flung against walls built for peace. Lies will grow like mold in dark corners. Hurt will burrow into chinks between the stones, spreading fear like decay. 

What should we do? we cry. 

How do you taste? He asks. 

The people will come, one way or another. When they do, what will they taste? Will they find you like salt, spreading the flavor of the kingdom? Or will they find you tasteless, grown bland by fear or apathy?

When people taste salt, they can decide whether to like it. That is not up to the salt. But when salt loses its flavor, no one even knows it’s there. 

Maybe that’s what you prefer. Just lay low, blend in, don’t make a fuss. “I’m waiting for the right moment,” you might say. “Then I’ll freely share the kingdom.” Then the right moment arrives right on time, and you find you are tasteless, for you gave up His kingdom for a smaller one. Your own. 

The people will come, one way or another. They will find you like you’re a city on a hill inviting relief from darkness. Unless, of course, you hide the light. Unless you fear the flame within you being snuffed out by an angry world, in which case you cover it. And snuff it out yourself. 

The kingdom comes among us to be tasted and seen. This is what He shows us by coming to us first—letting us see Him and feel His healing touch. He brings hope first, but He doesn’t stop there. He also brings a message. He knows His kingdom is stronger than any attack to that message. He knows that in the message is true life. 

I fear we are learning to be afraid of sharing that message. Maybe we’ve lost our taste, snuffed out the light. I’ll admit I don’t always know the right way to go about it. But He’s showing me, this Lent, that’s why He came. That’s why we read the words, follow His journey. He came to show the way. He lived the way. He’s still asking us to follow.

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