Count the Cost?

Day 11

Matthew 8:18-22

Hey, Jesus!

You’re so great, Jesus,

just look at these crowds!

I’ll follow you anywhere, Lord. 

Yes, anywhere! Let’s go. 

I’m ready. 

That sermon, Lord, just wow!

Out of this world! 

And all those sick people, healed!

Yes, I want to be part of this thing.

Where to next? Oh, there?

OK, but it’s kind of out of the way,

desolate, don’t You think?

We’re sleeping here? Um,

We passed an inn, Jesus, 

just back there. 

Yes, OK, but the bugs?

All right. OK. I got this. 

That wasn’t so bad. 

OK, where now?

Let’s do some miracles, Jesus!

Wait, what? 

Go there? To them?

But Lord. You know who they are?

Are you sure? 

And her? The dirty one?


Jesus, I’m just not sure You totally know

what You’re doing. 

Look, hold up. 

I’ve got some urgent family business. 

You can wait here for me, right?

I’ll hurry. No? 

I mean, yes, Jesus,

I do truly want to follow you. 

I do. When You said the cost was high, 

I thought You meant, You know, like, money. 

I can do money, Lord. 

I just didn’t think it would take so much time,

or be so rough and awkward. 

When you said You meant to go to everyone, 

I didn’t know you meant everyone-everyone.

Like, this is just, hard.

I don’t know, Jesus, let me give it some more thought. 

I mean, I love You, You know? 

I do. I’m just not sure I’m ready.

Maybe I need a bit more time. 

Yeah, that’s it. I’m not grown up enough!

I’m not like You, Jesus. 

I’ll just head back home and study some more, 

pray, work on my people skills a bit. 

I’m sure that soon I’ll feel the call, 

and then, Jesus, then, you can be sure, 

I’ll be back. 

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