Would that We Would

Days 20-22

Matthew 10

Would that we would see 

this world as You do. That looking 

upon our people would fill us 

with compassion and compel us to 

go. To heal, to cleanse, to love, to give 

without expectations.  Would that we 

would hear You clearly showing us the way,

that we would follow with open 

hands, in total trust for You to provide. 

Would that we would bring Your peace. 

Would that we would know truth and 

speak it, faithful only to the message, 

letting You do the rest. 

Would that we would be sheep 

who take heart as the wolves come. 

Would that we would be known 

for our wisdom and our 

innocence. Would that we would let 

the accusations come, would let ourselves 

be dragged into the courts of judgment, 

would rest in You, would listen. 

Would that when their hatred falls, 

Your love might fly from us like sparks, 

igniting the world. Would that Your 

words would make us brave 

and Your love would make us 


Would that we would be like 

You in every way, 

all the way to death. . . and 


Would that we would have 

no fear. Would that all things hidden 

would be revealed. Would that we 

would receive your words in the 

dark and proclaim them in the light, 

shout them from the rooftops. 

Would that we would look only 

to You, the One who counts our every 

breath, catches our every tear, who swears 

to catch us when we fall and lift us to 

Your presence. 

Would that when the sword comes, 

our love would be worthy 

of You. Would that we would take 

the cross, trudge the weary way 

and lose our lives. 

Would that we would find You there.

Would that Your people would receive You. 

Would that we would be Your bringers 

of love that is better than life, 

that we would be those who stretch 

out cups of cold water to the littlest lost. 

Would that we would know the deep 

untouchable joy of Your Kingdom 

that no darkness can ever defeat, 

where our true home is, our true 


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