(Five Minute Friday)

When following Jesus, the needs tend to chase after you. Like when you get into a boat to sail away and be alone, and you arrive on the other side only to find the need waiting for you, hungry. 

“Send them away, Jesus,” you say, a little desperately. You don’t have anything to give them. 

“You feed them.” Why is Jesus always grinning at you like that, with such expectation?

You gather up your resources, shake your head. “We have only five loaves here and two fish.”

“Bring them to Me.”

Um, OK. 

But then, of course, it’s Jesus, and in His hands, five loaves feeds five thousand. 

What is the need around you? It’s probably pretty overwhelming. What do you have? 

“I have only…” You look down at your meager lunch. 

“Bring it to Me.”

You could eat that lunch yourself and send the people away, like a sane person would do. Or you could stretch out what you have, your measly gift, and let Him do His thing. 

It’s not about what you have. 

It’s about what you are willing to give. 

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

6 thoughts on “Have

  1. I am encouraged by this post, after a challenging week where I felt I did not bring enough to the table. Clearly, I was wrong. It is who you give it to, not what you bring that matters!


  2. When you choose to come to Christ
    all you have is what you give,
    and when all can be sacrificed,
    that is when you start to live
    in the fullness of the Lord,
    in the sparkling holy place
    where at last you can afford
    the passing on of gentle grace
    through the Gospel, bright and true,
    the work that’s held by Him in trust
    as what is assigned to you,
    and it’s much more than a ‘must’;
    rather, it’s an honour clear
    to do what is to Him most dear.


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