Things I Know to Be True

night-sung starlight

twinkling time-traveling

troupe playing out the same celestial

story, sure as the sun


a God-friend gazing upward, holding

a holy pledge,

a knife raised, a voice

a boy untied,

a birthright thief running for his life

met by night angels


arms raised lifting

a promise

waves heeding, holding mighty

heads to stand

and let a nation through


a hungry people catching

bread from the sky,

a slender boy slinging stone


a fugitive fish-swallowed and spat out

for love of wayward children


a trio of boy-men dancing

tall in a fire,

a prayer-man sleeping

with lions,

an anguished anger-hurling prophet met

with still, small voice


a people lost in darkness

silent, shuttered in shadow,



a star splitting

the sky, spilling the


peasant arms holding



a woman desperate touching the frayed

hem, the first shock

of healing


a dead girl


Lazarus walking


a kneeling leper rising,



a thirsty woman


a woman circled by dropped


a harlot anointing grasping



a traitor fed, forgiven


a murderer blinded

on the road

a thousand thousand people running

to the light


a circling planet hungering

hoping, waiting


a Word sent forth, gathering



pink-tinged clouds receiving

morning peace

rising sure, unfailing

true like new mercies


milky way galaxy during nighttime
Photo by Hristo Fidanov on

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