Five Minute Friday (five minutes of writing on “Now”)



There are hungers waiting to be fed,

Words ready to be spoken,

Foods asking to be consumed,

Garments waiting to be put on,

Voices longing to be listened to,

Truths waiting to be taken up or rejected,

Lies hoping to pounce,

Masters eager to be served,

Moments like golden apples waiting

to be plucked from the tree.

Today needs your attention.

It has enough trouble, enough joy,

enough promise of its own,

without you dragging in tomorrow’s


Look to today,

to the choices before you,

all the tiny steps you will take

to make

your life.


7 thoughts on “Today

  1. Beautiful! It’s so easy to get sucked into the thinking about tomorrow and how plans have changed, how the world will change, and how we will change. Thank you for the reminder to live in the present!


  2. Well-said, and I love the pictures!

    You brought this to mind hope you like it.

    Tomorrow is a billy-goat,
    looking for more trouple,
    and yesterday’s a dream afloat,
    a shimmering soap-bubble.
    Tomorrow holds the master key
    to every wish fulfilled,
    while yesterday holds misery
    in remembered voices stilled.
    Tomorrow sets our hearts afire,
    and the past is a cool shade,
    but tomorrow’s heart’s desire
    from yesterday is made…
    ah, my friend, you wonder how?
    Why, in the crucible of Now!


  3. Today needs my attention….yes, it does. But does it have my full attention – I’m not quite sure. So much conviction with this week’s prompt! Goodness! But I do appreciate it. Hope you are having a good weekend!


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