What if you stopped holding

so hard to wholeness

what if you stilled

to the sundering

like a beam of light bent

scattering color like joy

like a buried seed cracked

bursting up to new life

like a prized metal melted

burnished in bright fire

like a loaf of bread, broken

and given, piece by piece,

to feed the world.

7 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Great job, and so inspiring!

    And you inspired the sonnet below. I hope you like it.

    What if, like a loaf of bread,
    I’m broken into crust,
    not for me, but the world instead;
    will I maintain my trust?
    What if I’m to be outpoured
    for all, like a libation?
    Is this a thing to be endured,
    another tribulation,
    or is my diminished state
    something born of victory,
    not a sad and silent fate,
    but an honour, just for me
    that the Lord could use this cancer
    to birth in me a David-dancer?

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